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为了庆祝阿波罗亭台(Apollo Pavilion)建成五十周年,达勒姆郡当地着名艺术家Steve Messam用自己设计的充气照明装置,将这座位于Peterlee的独特地标建筑重新装点。

A unique County Durham landmark is to be transformed by a celebrated local artist as part of a year of celebrations to mark its half-century. The Apollo Pavilion at Peterlee is to host an inflatable and illuminated installation by Steve Messam – the man behind Hush in the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural of Beauty – the latest in a calendar of events to commemorate its unveiling 50 years ago.


▼亭台入口区域景致,view of the entrance area of the pavilion

该亭台是野兽派建筑的典范,于1969年在达勒姆郡的Sunny Blunts庄园正式开放,以纪念当年的阿波罗登月。达勒姆郡委员会决定为纪念这座建筑五十周年而举行一系列庆祝活动:已经与Artichoke节的制作人合作交付的卢米埃风格灯光装置,以及一场拥有现场音乐表演的50岁生日派对和以月球为主题的电影放映会。

The pavilion, an example of brutalist architecture, was officially opened on the town’s Sunny Blunts estate in 1969, named in honour of that year’s Apollo moon landings. Durham County Council chose to mark five decades of the structure with a year of celebrations which has already seen it house a Lumiere-style light installation, delivered in partnership with producer of that festival Artichoke, and scene of a 50th birthday party which boasted live music and screenings of lunar-themed films.

▼装置细部,details of the installation

作为委员会文化年Durham19的一部分,“阿波罗”庆祝活动还将继续进行。亭台被四个能够从内部发光的膨胀雕塑体所包围,该装置是达勒姆郡基于Steve之前在Upper Teesdale广受赞誉的雕塑设计而提出的创意。

The celebrations, also part of the council’s year of culture #Durham19, are now set to continue with ‘Apollo’ – in which the pavilion is encased by four inflated sculptural forms, illuminated from within. The installation is the brainchild of County Durham based Steve, whose sculpture near Bowlees Visitor Centre in Upper Teesdale has been widely acclaimed.

▼装置内部,inside the installation

▼亭台内部空间充满橙色灯光,the interior of the pavilion is filled with orange lights

委员会负责改革、文化和旅游的内阁成员Cllr Joy Allen说:“我们很高兴有像Steve这样的当地艺术家参与到我们的阿波罗50周年庆祝活动,以及文化年Durham19中。他的作品Hush曾大受好评,在看过阿波罗亭台装置的照片后,我相信它也会同样受欢迎。人们参与到灯光装置和生日派对中来真的很令人高兴,非常期待在这里见到大家。”

Cllr Joy Allen, the council’s Cabinet member for transformation, culture and tourism, said: “We are delighted to have a local artist like Steve involved in our celebrations of 50 years of the Apollo Pavilion, and our year of culture #Durham19. His Hush installation has proved a massive success and having seen images of how ‘Apollo’ will look, I am sure it will be just as popular. It’s been really pleasing how people have engaged with the light installation and birthday party and we look forward to seeing everyone at Apollo.”

▼夜幕下的亭台与开了灯的装置,the?pavilion with installation lights on at night


“It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to work with such an iconic piece of brutalist architecture. Such a bold statement of time, place and ambition, all within the context of the Apollo moon landings, I really looking forward to celebrate that spirit 50 years on.”

▼项目3D设计图,the 3D drawings

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing

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